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Android 4.1, Jelly Bean: 16 changes from ICS 1

KobraHunter | Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | , , , ,

If you have ICS in your smartphone or android devices, then you can see sweet changes in latest Jelly Bean. If you are using old android versions, then jelly Bean will show you some big changes. Actually Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean is a polished, sweeter and performance enhanced version with mix of new features too.
Some important changes are listed below......

1. Notification pulldown has a novel look with large font size.

2.There are many new effects and transitions distributed throughout.
    a.When you move finger to unlock, circle of small dots follow your finger.
    b. Opening an app from home will also show some zooming effect.

3.New "Share" menu system with "open with" dialog box.

4.Initial phone setup task is more simpler than previous version.

5.Jelly Bean is Faster than ICS
    Why faster?
        Speed is increased by altering system frame-rate and display refresh signal.
        Also by implementing a new touch input system that anticipates where you will touch and it will give an extra power to CPU when you actually touches screen.

6. A new search system which will give you Informational cards instead of web results.

7.The voice search system is really good one. It will show you results in the form of cards.

8. From notification pulldown screen, you can expand notifications and get additional information and options related to that notification.

9. It is easier to arrange and add widgets and shortcuts in homescreen.

10. A new Sound Search widget which can tell you name of song and artist after listening to song for a few seconds.

11. An updated Camera app which will allow you to swipe to jump into gallery directly.

12. System keyboard is now updated with good dictionaries, intelligent word predictor and text to speech functionality.

13.NFC sharing of photos,videos etc

14.Now you can update essential parts of an app instead of installing the complete one with"Smart app update".

15.Updated and improved Face unlock security.

16.Gesture based navigation commands for visually impaired android users.

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